About us

What we do

DICOM is a Lead of Engineering and Management Company active in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We provide many industrial services for Public and Private projects.

We operate through six mains core businesses:

  • Oil & Gas,
  • Power Plants,
  • Mining,
  • Renewable Energy,
  • Cement Industry,
  • Factory Installation

Our Mission

Basis on international standards and client requirements, DICOM provide an adequate service with respect of the three important indicators : Services, Quality and Price.

DICOM has invested in the human resources which is the main factor to succed our main services and missions. Our trained staff is able to work for any type of industrial project under pressure and with the official language required on site (English, French, or German, etc…). Our Teams are qualified, experienced and diversified to do the required job.

With the strategy of partnership and collaborations, DICOM is present in many Middle East, European and African countries

More about us

For each core business, we offer a large range of services including Engineering, Project Management, Supervision, Pre-commissioning Commissioning & Start-up as well as Operating & Maintenance Services.




Fast service

Our goal is to provide you the project in an optimal time

Expert team

We put at your disposal highly qualified and experienced experts and staff to manage your projects

Affordable prices

We provide you the best price offers for high quality services

Award winning

Our pride and purpose is customer satisfaction and the renewal of the contract or the business

Modern technology

New technology and sophisticated tools are the means of success for our services provided

Always open

Speed of response and availability are our keys to success